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Meet The Team

President - Blane Milne

As President of the Commercial Law Society, I am responsible for coordinating and planning events and competitions taking place, in collaboration with our committee. I am also the main point of contact for any questions you may have to make the most out of your membership. I intend to support members by bringing application advice through various events to succeed in the application process. 


Vice President - Anna Wilkie

As Vice President, I support and deputise for the President, Blane. Throughout my role, I intend to facilitate engagement between the committee and the society members in order to achieve the society's goals and interest. I am happy to answer any questions from our members to ensure they make the most out of their membership as well as any suggestions or ideas!

Treasurer - Maisie Sinclair

As the Treasurer, my role encompasses the management of all financial matters related to the society. This includes coordinating fundraising and insight events, devising budgets for all society-related expenses, and researching avenues for securing grants. Additionally, I’m  eager to meet members and help them with any queries they may have.

Commercial Awareness Officer - Sveta Yordanova

As the Commercial Awareness Officer, I keep members up to date on the latest commercial affairs and major deals published on various news platforms. I also produce exclusive content, manage our event calendar, and lead our dedicated content writer team to produce informative and engaging blog posts that help members develop their commercial awareness.

I believe that a strong understanding of the commercial world is essential for lawyers, and I am committed to providing members with the resources they need to succeed.

Keep an eye on the 'Blog' section for new commercial news stories!

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